So I finally made the decision to do my very on GNO. I am so excited. The initial planning a couple of months ago began with myself only with tabletop showcasing. The more I planned and prayed about the event, more ideas presented themselves to me. The final decision was to include 10 Women Entrepreneurs like myself in various industries that would appeal to other Women. My first thought was about what I love and my Girlfriends love to do. You know it shopping. I am a shopaholic, shoe hog,handbag hog and ultimate jewelry fanatic. With that being said, one of my Classmates from High School that I had not seen in person in 20 years until my Class Reunion this Summer, owns a online fashion boutique. When she saw on Facebook that I began to advertise about the event, Tamika messaged me, inquiring. I invited Tamika for multiple reasons. First she is go getter, a bonafide businesswoman.

 I also loved her inventory and knew she and her company would be very appealing to those ladies attending. Open Affair Boutique specialize accessories and handbags sales. Next is, no dress up is complete without make up or a makeover.
 Altered Ego Cosmetics was referred to me by my good friend Kelia. Makeup artistry at its' best. We all love a good homemade pie, so my Assistant Jessica recommended her Aunt Gladys that recently officially established her own Pie business, Ms. Gladys Homemade Personal Pies. Then the fact that I am a former Banker and understand the importance of being financially empowered, invites were also extended to Sisterfriends that have businesses to provide Financial Planning, ALP Relations LLC and Alicia Carter Realty for home purchasing advise.
Karen Williams of Passionate Portraits By Karen aka Karen Williams Photography and I attend the same church. Karen has done photos for my Best Friend, Cokiesha Bailey-Robinson's Wedding, church members family portraits and a photo shoot of me a couple of  years ago. I love her work and work ethic and knew she had to be included. j9sTyle's owner is a childhood friend that specializes in decorative glasses, pillows and more. Monique Jackson is one of my Eastern Star siSTARS, she represent Passionately Poetic Publishing, a company this is owned by our Masonic Brother DeHann Durham. The publishing company has published two poetry books that Brother Durham wrote.

ISparkle T's and Michelle Washington's Organo Gold Coffee were last added after hearing about the event wanting to apart of the affair, by not only attending, but participating as a vendor.

The event is a time for us Ladies to relax, socialize, shop, be entertained and meet various business owner to network. My plan is to have the event once a quarter  for the next year in different areas of the metroplex. The ultimate goal is to create this event to be an annual affair in major cities across the country. Nothing like meeting new people with like minded drive and goals. Entrepreneurship equals self empowerment and economic independence. I look forward to each of our businesses growing as well as inspiring others to discover their purposes and begin to step out on faith. So this weekend if you are in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, grab your Besties, BFFS, Sisters, Mother, Aunt, Cousin, Girlfriends, and your Daughters and meet me at the Desoto Civic Center Saturday, October 15, 2011 at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $10 at the door and online. I am raffling a LG Blue Ray Player and several other Girlie items. Don't be the Girl that hears about it, be the Girl to tell about it. Poetic Spoken Words performance will take place compliments of DeHann Durham. 

I personally would like to thank in advance Kennique Linens for Sponsoring the event. My Brother, Rodney Thrash, the journalist for preparing the Press Release for the event. My Daughter Jasmine Nichole Daniel for the creation of the SocialButterflyDiva logo. My Sisterfriends Kelia Jones, Alonda Price and Jessica Frye-Agwuh for your assistance with the planning of the event including printing, designing, encouragement, and advice. Any persons that listened to me brainstorming out loud, publicize the event formally or informally, I say THANKS A MILLION!!!

Until the next event, party, dinner or SocialButterflyDiva's Girls Night Out TM , CHEERS!!!!

Desoto Civic Center
Pecan Room I & II
211 E Pleasant Run Rd
Desoto, Texas 75115
JasiChan Event Planning & Designers LLC

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