Have you heard the latest??? Let me tell you about a news story that caught my attention. Here in Dallas, Lisa Linehan decided to set out to find her Groom and Prince Charming, so that she could get married February 15 (same day as her Grandparents' Wedding Anniversary). Ms. Linehan started Project Husband. Well Lisa found out, like many of us Single Ladies that Prince Charmings are not plentiful and it's not as easy to get him to "put a ring on it". So the story gets better, instead of waddling in self pity, Lisa decided to be apart of a giveaway of her Dallas Bridal Show Show Sponsored Wedding to a deserving couple. Partnerships with Robbins Bros (known for spectacular diamond rings), and CW Channel 33 (local news station). The Perfect Proposal Contest entry began January 26, 2011 until February 13, 2011. After collecting the entries the next phase was voting time on CW33's website, February 14 -February 27. On February 28 the judging panel including representative from each Sponsor, creativity of the proposal, and online voting was deliberated.

Lisa's story has made news around the country for the last year, when she first created Project Husband with the plan of locating a husband. She has been on CNN, Today Show, WFAA Channel 8 News, CW33, Dr. Phil and many other media outlets. Talk about taking lemons and making lemonade, she personified this by giving to a couple that wouldn't have had the opportunity or access to have a Wedding worth this amount. As I watched the interview yesterday on Channel 8, I was delighted at how happy she appeared to be apart of helping the well deserving couple. I knew then I must inform others that may not had the opportunity to see the story. The announcement was made Monday February 28, 2011 on CW33, Lauren & Sean. Their story is one that makes your heart pound and eyes fill with tears. Project Husband brought sunshine into Lauren & Sean's lives. Kudos to all of the Sponsors, but most importantly Lisa Linehan.

I highly recommend that you take a look at Lauren & Sean's journey. It really puts life in perspective.

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