It's one of those Fridays, that I am just not feeling much of anything. Have you ever had weekend that you would prefer to stay in all weekend and not be bothered?? A weekend that includes sleep, movies, snacking, and lounging. This is a true description of my mood. Sometimes when we put the pedal to the metal non-stop our engine stops or becomes exhausted. Just when I am feeling like prepping a weekend of hibernation to lick my wounds, The Oprah Show comes on with a repeat of her "Ultimate Wildest Dreams" show. The very first segment was the recap of Monica Jorge's story. Monica was crowned Warrior Mom, by Oprah in September 2008, when she originally met and interviewed her.

If you are unaware of Monica's story, let me share it with you and I am sure your mood will change too or perhaps you can understand why I stopped and said, "shame on me". Mrs. Jorge gave birth to her second daughter August 2007 and also contracted a flesh eating disease that resulted in the need to amputate both hands and legs to save her life. Warrior Mom never felt sorry for herself, but faced her challenge head on. She has worked the last 3 years to adjust her life to overcome the obstacles placed in her way. So instead of whining, crying or complaining I am going to breathe in and out. Relax, relate, release......

Until the next article, blog, interview, or story CHEERS!!!!

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