Every morning while getting ready for work I look at Good Morning America. GMA typically informs me of what is going on in the World, Politics, Entertainment and current events. To my surprise yesterday morning one of the stories covered was in reference to Wedding Gowns being sold out of all places, Costco. Now I have traditionally looked to Costco to purchase items in bulk such as groceries, but never in my wildest dreams thought about them specializing in Wedding Gowns. Let me ask you a question. Could you actually see yourself trying on your Wedding Gown choices at Costco?? Really?? It's equivalent to going to Walmart, Kroger, Albertsons, or Publix (the SouthEast).

I will be honest and frank to tell you I could not see myself doing so or Planning a Wedding and the Bride has selected  Costco as the option. I decided to ask a few of my Girlfriends their thoughts about this new revelation. The large majority were just as shocked as me. Some of them said "well a one stop shopping trip", while others said "absolutely not an option". So I am looking for what the readers have to say now about this subject. Weigh in, don't hold one way or another.

If you missed the segment you can view below. Until the next event, blog, article or party CHEERS!!!

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