Well it is that time of year again. Summer time is fast approaching as well as Father's Day. What are your plans for the Father's is your life? Dinner out with the entire family at a nice restaurant, weekend getaway or house party, and gifts galore... There are so many ways to celebrate the Father's in our lives. I highly recommend that some form of celebration and recognition is done. The traditional tie as a gift just will not do people. Ladies you know how important special occasions are to us, so demonstrate to the men how it should be done.

The celebration can be as simple as a family and friend dinner party. Cookies baskets, greeting cards, flower arrangements, cologne, and his favorite sports memorabilia or hobby items are great gift ideas. I plan on the next few weeks leading up to Father's Day sharing the deals with various establishments. You don't have to break the bank to celebrate Dad. In most cases Dad is pretty simple and the gesture is really what counts. So be on the look out for more information. Sunday, June 19, 2011 is Father's Day just incase you may not have a calendar handy. Until the next event, party or occasion CHEERS!!!!

This is throwback of Will Smith's "Just the Two of Us". Such a special song for his eldest son Trey before Jadan was born. Take a look at the video.

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