Etiquette is defined as conventional requirements to social behavior, properties of conduct as established in any class or community or for any occasion. So let me ask you, are you prepared for a formal dinner party invite? How comfortable are you to attend a formal wedding reception or banquet? Don't fret, the SocialButterflyDiva is here to assist you. Below is a formal table setup.

When it comes to your eating utensils, you start from the outside and work your way in. Notice the outside utensils are for soup and salad. These are typically your introduction courses. The main course that includes meat is the next meal. Take note there is a fork and knife for meat and/or fish. Your dessert utensils are above your place setting. Dessert is typically the final course of a formal dinner.

Remember when you sit down to place the napkin across your lap. If for some reason during your meal, you have to excuse yourself, but you are not finished eating place the napkin on the back of the chair and cross your fork and knife in your plate to signal to the wait staff or host that your are not finished eating yet. If you are finished you place your fork and knife in the 11 o'clock position and your napkin should be placed on the left side of your place setting, signaling you are finished.

These are a few helpful tips from SocialButterflyDiva's Etiquette 101. Look for more etiquette tips to come. Remember entertaining is always about CELEBRATING!!!

Until the next blog post Cheers. 🍷🍸

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